Electrician Technicians (Lead Helpers)

Perform electrical installations, maintenance and repairs in homes and commercial settings; knowledgeable in all areas of the national electrical code; excel in analyzing and solving problems with various electrical controls and systems. Technicians must also be able to communicate directly with homeowners and other customers.

Key skills: electrical systems and controls; installations and maintenance; electromechanical repairs; blueprints and schematics; switches and circuit breakers; electrical code; wiring diagrams; troubleshooting; testing instruments; and motors and conduits.

Electrician Helpers

Daily, Electricians Helpers measure, cut, and bend wire and conduit, using measuring instruments and hand tools. They maintain tools, vehicles, and equipment and keep parts and supplies in order. One of the main responsibilities as an electrician helper is to drill holes and pull or push wiring through openings, using hand and power tools. Some may also perform semi-skilled and unskilled laboring duties related to the installation, maintenance and repair of a wide variety of electrical systems and equipment. In a normal work day, another thing that Electricians Helpers do is they transport tools, materials, equipment, and supplies to work site by hand, handtruck, or heavy, motorized truck. In addition to that, they examine electrical units for loose connections and broken insulation and tighten connections, using hand tools.

Electricians Helpers are also responsible for tracing out short circuits in wiring and using test meters. They might also thread conduit ends, connect couplings, and fabricate and secure conduit support brackets, using hand tools. Electricians Helpers are also responsible for constructing controllers and panels, using power drills, drill presses, taps, saws and punches. and string transmission lines or cables through ducts or conduits, under the ground, through equipment, or to towers.






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